Armory Bitcoin Wallet

How to place your Bitcoins in "COLD STORAGE" and "LOCK" them up!

Welcome to the world of Setting up your Bitcoins into "offline" or cold storage", Here is the information I could not find when I got started with Bitcoins. I have put together a step by step video tutorial to assist you in getting your Armory Bitcoin Wallet set up. With that understanding, since Armory is NOT my product, I PROVIDE NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Any technical support you need will be through Armory. Armory wallets are one of the best bets to keep your Bitcoins as safe as possible.

You will be light years ahead of your friends by getting your Bitcoins secured.

The complete video series on Armory includes:

  1. Download the Armory File
  2. Verify the download is from Armory
  3. Finish the Set up and create your first wallet
  4. Bitcoin core
  5. Intro to Offline Wallets
  6. Watching Only Wallet
  7. Spending with an Online wallet
  8. Moving Files
  9. Sweeping and Importing

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Armory Advanced Features

  • Fragmented Backups
  • Create a Lockbox
  • Fund a Lockbox
  • Spend from a Lockbox


****Should you need technical help contact Armory Support @

As I have said I am not technical and I cannot provide any support I am offering this tutorial for information only.


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