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Veritaseum crypto coin


After eight years, a lot of press coverage, and by the fact that you’ve made it here, I believe it’s safe to assume that you’ve heard of Bitcoin, and quite possibly Ethereum and Litecoin, but now it’s time you learned a bit about Veritaseum (VERI).


Reggie Middleton, an American entrepreneur, created Veritaseum in 2013 as a new form of crypto-currency. This new digital currency has been picking up steam and could potentially become the preferred crypto coin (token) of trade.


First and foremost, Veritaseum and the Veritas software allow individuals to enjoy entirely autonomous banking, without the middleman. Think of all those services that banks provide. Then consider how much better they would be without the multitude of fees that come attached. If you want to enter into a contract, get a loan, or buy stocks, you need a bank for one reason or another. With Veritaseum, the exchange may no longer be necessary.


You can think of this as the new crypto currency token for finance, investment, and interactive value exchange. With the Veritas software, the average person can quickly create, implement, and execute his or her own smart contracts. Without the need for a professional developer or lawyer. For some contracts, however, such expertise is probably a good idea. In which case Veritas provides all the advisory one might need.


Another attractive aspect of Veritas is that it intends to be agnostic towards all forms of crypto currency. This means that crypto coins from Ethereum will be able to be traded and utilized in transactions along the Veritas block chain. Digital currency someday soon, could have the capability to perform any task that a exchange/bank might, without ever leaving your phone.


Veritaseum and a MOU??


According to recent reports Veritaseum just signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to become the facilitator of the stock exchange in Jamaica!


According to Veritaseum market cap is valued at $236 million about or about 1/15 of the market cap for Ethereum, and about 1/6 the size of Bitcoin.


And Veritaseum is only getting started. It was just released for sale to the public back in April 2017. There are currently almost 2 million Veritas in circulation. The total supply has been calculated at 100 million. So that means that there are some 98 million left to be mined.


This crypto coin has the potential to not only become one of the top performing digital tokens. But possibly the new token of the world for the exchanges in a seamless digital world.

One of the issues with Veritaseum is you cannot purchase it on a conventional exchange. Learn how to buy Veritaseum HERE

See the complete Veritaseum presentation HERE

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