Wealth Research Group-The coming ICOs SCAM

The coming ICO's SCAM!


The coming ICO's SCAM-See the video below for my latest on crypto currency updates. This interview was done recently with Financial commentator Lior Gantz  of the Wealth Research Group.com.

We discuss the opportunities that lay ahead of us in the Crypto currency markets and how we are at the beginning stages of this crypto currency bull market. We also discuss how the  "alt coins" and ICO's may SCAM you out of your monies.


Bitcoin is the building blocks for all things Crypto Currency.

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Do you know how to buy and store the new ICO's coming on the market? Better do you know which ICO's are the high risks ones that will probably lose value?

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Lots of the new ICO's cannot be bought on ANY exchange. Plus what wallet do you hold them in after you buy them to get them out of the hands of hackers?

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