Lior Gantz Interview on Crypto Currencies

Could the Bitcoin Market be too small for Hedge funds to invest in? If so that could mean a huge opportunity for Bitcoin.


Recently the survey completed by the Bank of America and Merrill Lynch (BAML), leading investors of that same group stated the Bitcoin market is a "most Crowed Trade. " 

I recently Interviewed Financial Guru Lior Ganz and discussed this subject along with the Debt Problems the world faces with Paper Money. Take a look at this video  interview here. Both Mr. Ganz and myself take a look at the advantages of Bitcoin and the Alt Coins "creeping' into this space.

We both believe that better opportunities may live outside of Bitcoin, in the other "Alt coins". Since most all of these "Alt Coins" and ICO's can have a huge upside they can be extremely risky, we urge you to proceed with caution. Do your homework prior to investing in any of these and know why your investing in them.

The ICO's have been recently banned in China. Do we think that will be good or bad for Bitcoin? I think it will be good for Bitcoin as the number of investors that can invest ICO's in China, will go way down. China has not Banned Bitcoin, this will probably send lots of them into Bitcoin. That alone will probably drive the price up again. And again with only 21 Million Bitcoin to ever be produced by the year 2140 and with 7.5 Billion people in the world. We see a lot of upside for this crypto currency.

On October 25, 2017 Bitcoin appears it will be "forking" again this time it will fork into a coin called Bitcoin Gold.