Future money trends-Interview

Have you started investing in crypto currencies?

Have you taken the plunge and started investing in crypto currencies?

What would you do if we had another financial crisis tomorrow? We are overdue for another financial crisis, as if you look back through history we have a financial crisis every 8-9 years.

However if we have a currency crisis in our next financial crisis, many predict that this will be to big for the Central Banks to handle.

If you follow Jim Rickards he predicts that the Central Banks will implement the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), but he also points out that it will take the Central Bankers 3-6 months to get the SDR's up and running. And since we the public can't spend SDR's I am not sure what good they will do for all of us in a credit freeze or financial collapse!

You best have a back up plan.


 Sure you could own gold coins but how are you going to buy milk with a gold coin? That isn't really going to work.

What about Bitcoin? But doesn't Bitcoin has the growth issue problems as well?

Inveting in Bitcoin.

There has to be a better solution to all of this! Other wise we will end up like Venezuela is right now complete chaos.

Bitcoin may provide the answers but is it ready for PRIME time yet?

I give a different a view in my recent interview with the host of Future Money Trends, Kenneth Ameduri


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