Why It’s Time To Learn Bitcoin

7 Good Reasons!

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If you have been keeping an eye on the financial news lately, you would have undoubtedly come across a story about Bitcoins. This crypto-currency is gaining popularity every new day and fast making its way into mainstream markets. In fact, many experts believed that Bitcoin will soon become a real alternative to government issued money.


What Is Bitcoin Exactly?

Ok, you have been hearing of Bitcoins but you don't know exactly what it is. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency; for the fact it is a currency means you can use it in transaction or simply put exchange of goods and services. However, it has no physical form and will never have. You can only use this currency with help of internet when you want to make transactions.

There has been so much fuss about Bitcoins. In fact, currently, most people are buying this crypto-currency because of the investment value. A few years ago, one Bitcoin is equal to $40; today one Bitcoin is equivalent to $740. This shows that this crypto-currency is the future. You will be making a smart investment if you decide today to learn and start investing in Bitcoins.

If you are still not convinced it is a good idea to invest in Bitcoins, below are some reasons that may help change your mind;


Reasons why it is Good To Learn and Invest in Bitcoin

  1. Fast

The fact that Bitcoin has no central-control means that transaction can be done instantly. Unlike bank that will often hold onto your money for several days or even months, Bitcoin transactions are instant. You can use it to make payment and a merchant in other part of the world can get his money in less than 10 minutes.


  1. It's Cheap

Banks and other online payment services such as PayPal charge a fee for each transaction you make. In some cases, merchants are the one who pay for these charges in order to enable the institution cover the "swipe fee" when fulfilling those transactions. With Bitcoin, no fee is required for transactions which make it a perfect way for anyone to receive and transfer payments.


  1. No Chargebacks

Bitcoin transactions don't permit chargeback, what this means is that once a payment is completed, the person that sent the payment cannot retrieve them or file dispute for the payment. It saves companies, merchants and individuals from fraudsters who will contact credit card Company to request for chargeback after receiving the services they paid for. This reason only is why most merchants prefer Bitcoins as means of payment for their product/services


  1. No Central Government

Unlike US dollar which the United States government can take away anytime they like or other currencies control by the governments, Bitcoin is not under any government control. No government can claim ownership of Bitcoin or try to take it away. Bitcoin has no central control. Once you have it, you own it and no one can take it away from you. This indeed is a big benefit to those who find it very hard to trust their banks.


  1. Your Payment Information is Secure

One of problem we are facing today is securing the credit card and other payment information submitted in many websites. Hackers can get your payment details and use it to steal your hard-earned money. Every day, we keep on hearing of stories of stolen credit cards and people losing their money to hackers. Additionally, companies spend thousands of dollars to secure their customers information which also leads to high cost of services. With Bitcoins, there is no danger of hackers stealing your information. You only need your wallet address to complete a payment.


  1. Very Valuable

Investing in Bitcoins is one of the best decisions you can do today. This is because the value of this crypto-currency is rising everyday which gives you an opportunity to invest and make serious money. Last year, the value of Bitcoin is about $300, today; the value of Bitcoin is $740. By next year, Bitcoin value might surpass $1000. It is indeed a good way to make wise investment. You can buy Bitcoins today and hold it until the value increase and sell them off for profits.



  1. You Own It

All the electronic cash system is owned by someone else Bitcoin.  For instance, PayPal can wake up one morning and for the reason best known to them decide to freeze your account without consulting you. This means you are at risk of losing your money to someone else. Bitcoin is the only money you owe. It belongs to no one else but you. You can choose to store you Bitcoins in your offline wallet or online wallet. Whichever way you decide to store your Bitcoin, it belongs to you and it is not going anywhere.


Bitcoin is truly sweeping through the world and the value keeps on rising every day. Today is the best time to start learning and investing in Bitcoin. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity again. Learn how you can use Bitcoins to create/protect your wealth for yourself.

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