Could Bitcoin be a Bankers Nightmare? This might just take away all of the funding that they have had (secretly forever). Since Bitcoin puts banking back into the hands of the owner. Bitcoin can also be classified as a true asset since it is not encumbered by Debt like our all of current monetary systems.


Are you aware that in your current banking system that once you deposit you monies in your bank, the monies are  no longer are yours, nor does the bank consider you to be the owner of those funds. Once you deposit your funds in the bank you become an unsecured credit at the very bank you just made your deposit at! It doesn't really seem fair does it? Worse they have no obligation to give the monies back to you. If by chance they invest those monies in a risky investment and it goes bad you are on the hook for your monies not the bank because they have the freedom to invest it how they want. Plus if you think that the FDIC ( Federal Deposit insurance Corporation) is there to save you, think again, as the FDIC has almost no reserves since they have allowed the banking industry to loan out all of the monies they are suppose to keep in reserves for a "problem". So now if there is a minor "problem" the whole system will be bankrupt.

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Some have said the Genie has been released out of the bottle and the software engineers will never let it go back to the old way. Others say that crypto currencies are the path to our future, to give us the best possible chance for surviving the next ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. Other say this has bankers scared to death as it will upset their world kind of like what Internet did to the Newspaper industry.

We believe Crypto Currencies offer a better chance at surviving the next Economic Collapse as well.  It will take the world a while to get into Crypto Currencies as the transition will not happen over night. It may take 10-15 years for this transition to happen. However if you wait til the end of this cycle rather then starting now you may miss out on some on these opportunities that the crypto world will offer us!

Sure in a few years the crypto world may be a lot easier to work with or invest in.


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