Do You Have The Bitcoin Knowledge of These 13 Hidden Secrets?


Do you have the Bitcoin Knowledge to get started in this crypto currency? Bitcoin is a whole new world of technology, it reminds me of the early days of the internet back in the 1990's. Can you image our world if Bitcoin and other crypto currencies take off like the internet did? Just look at all these business models that no longer operate like they use to (prior to the internet)

  • Snail Mail-Post Office
  • Long distance phone calls
  • Music business
  • Newspapers

Bitcoin has the potential to cause this same disruption to the world as the internet did to many other businesses.

Do you know the following about Bitcoin?

1) Bitcoin is an experiment in a crypto currency (digital money) it has not been proven whether or not it will work.

2) Bitcoins price is not stable, nor is any currency. In the last 7 years Bitcoins price has been as low as $.0001 a coin to as high as $2800 a Bitcoin.

3) Bitcoin is not controlled by any government, thus it is not backed by anything other than the faith of the “users and the network”

4) Bitcoins are NOT physical, nor will they ever be. Bitcoins are just software/code that is posted on a public network which everyone can see.

5) Bitcoins are NOT private, but it can be somewhat anonymous. You transfer them via "addresses" which appear like this


thus your name is not on the transaction. (You just send addresses back and forth to transfer the Bitcoins very similar to an email)

6) Bitcoins are a very easy way to conduct business in the 21st century, because they can be transferred over a communication network. They are very fast and relativity easy.

7) Bitcoins can be easily lost and/or stolen if they are not secured properly. Bitcoins can be easily stolen if NOT secured properly. Lock them up in an Armory Paper wallet here.

8) Since Bitcoins live on the internet, if the internet were to go down you may have a hard time transacting your Bitcoin transactions. (It is rumored you can transfer them via pen and paper-I have never attempted this).

9) You can start investing in Bitcoin for as little as $.01, in 2009. The current LIVE price for a single Bitcoin is at the right of this page:

.Bit10) Coins are "Mined" into existence. Thus an abundance of coins is NOT Guaranteed.
       (moving  large sums of money into Bitcoins could be difficult).

11) Your ID and personal information almost always must be shared with the vendor who originally sells you the Bitcoins.

12) You can buy any amount of Bitcoins as they Can be divide into decimals places up to 8 digits such as .00000001 (this amount of Bitcoin is called 1 satoshi).

13) More than 100,000 corporations are now accepting Bitcoins, some of these are as follows:

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