Coinbase Exchange Starter Video

Here’s some Video’s on how to get started with your Crypto currency investing. In this example we will be using an exchange like Coinbase. (please read notes below).

To get started immediately use a Credit card or a Debit card. If you wait on the exchange to set it up with your bank, it WILL take them up to a week to get it set up. Wire transfers are in this same category.

Credit Card: No Longer Recommended

****UPDATE******  We no longer recommend using credit cards as YOU WILL PAY a huge cash advance fees if you use them.

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To help you on your cryptocurrency education you might want to watch this short video as well on ICO’s.

PLEASE,PLEASE, do not leave or store your Cryptocurrencies on an exchange like Coinbase. (you will thank me later).

As much as we think these exchanges are HACKPROOF they are NOT as the Hackers are testing their sites daily trying to STEAL these funds. Every couple of weeks we often hear about an exchange getting hacked some where in the world.

No exchange is hackproof.

So your cryptos should never be considered safe on any exchange. Only use Coinbase or ANY exchange to PURCHASE Crypto’s then immediately move them to your own personal wallet you control the private keys on.

And leaving your cryptocurrencies in a personal hot wallet like the Exodous wallet is not really a good idea either. There are a lot of risks leaving them there, as well. The most notable one is if somebody installs some keylogger software on your computer you can easily have all of your Crypto’s taken (more and more cases are being reported all the time of people mysteriously having their crypto’s taken) out of your hot wallet like an Exodous wallet.

Thus you should probably learn how to store your Crypto’s OFFLINE with either a Paper wallet or a Hardware wallet and both have advantages and disadvantages.

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